The Power of Witness

Posted on June 5th, by Christy in Revelation 11:1-14. No Comments

This is the woe that works. Unlike the plagues or any of the previous trials, this makes people turn to God. Why is that? Is raising the dead really any more dramatic than horse-sized locusts with scorpion tails? I’m not sure. Are the plagues the witnesses bring any more horrible than God’s previous attempts to get humankind’s attention. I doubt it.

The key difference I see here is the witness. The words of people accompany the disasters, giving them a context and a reason. Then when God miraculously raises the witnesses, it shows God’s ultimate authority. Whew.

That’s an important lesson for me today. How much am I opening my mouth and giving God the credit for things that happen in my sphere of influence? Do people (correctly) attribute God’s work in both the successes and tragedies of my life? Probably not as much as I’d like. Hm, back to the drawing board.


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