The Ultimate Hallelujah Chorus

Posted on May 28th, by Lori in Revelation 5:8-14. 1 Comment

A few years back my in-laws took my husband and myself to the University of Michigan’s performing auditorium to see the musical performance of the Messiah. I had seen it before but something about this particular auditorium or my emotional engagement on that particular day made it seem magical, or should I say heavenly.

If you are not familiar with this piece of musical art, it is worth going on-line and doing some research behind ALL the work that went into this wonderful piece of history known to be presented around the world at Christmas time. The pinnacle of the performance is at the end when the choir sings what is known as the Hallelujah chorus. It starts out slow, and then builds with intensity in both voices and instruments. It fills the room like human surround sound. Traditionally people stand up out of reverence and it can sound like a mini version of this portion of Revelation as described by John. Verse 11 says, “As I watched, I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders. Their number was ten thousand times ten thousand, thousands upon thousands.” If I thought Ann Arbor was full of heavenly worship that day, and John’s description so majestic, I can’t imagine what the real deal will be like. Probably the Ultimate Hallelujah Chorus. Wouldn’t you agree?

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  • Vicky Lorencen

    When I was in college I had the opportunity to sing in a production of Handel’s Messiah. We practiced in one of the large biology lecture halls for weeks and weeks before performing in the campus chapel. It was heavenly to be in the midst of all those singers, the glorious music and the vivid, powerful, scripture-filled lyrics. During the Hallelujah chorus I wanted to stop singing myself so that I could soak up the voices around me. I’ll never forget it.