True Pillars of the Church

Posted on May 22nd, by Lori in Revelation 3:7-13. No Comments

I love pillars. They stand so majestic and tall. They hold other structures up and look good all at the same time. As NT points out so do the pillars of the church. Not the physical pillars, but those Godly, above reproach people in the church as well as the church in its entirety who stand majestic and tall in their faith ; who hold up the other people and Biblical principles of the church. Verse 12 states, “Anyone who conquers, I will make them pillars in the temple of God”

As was stated to the church of Philadelphia and still true today, these pillars within the church are few in number. They seem to be the ones who are unflappable in their faith. That truly understand when the elements of life try to take down their heart, they remain firm in their foundation of Christ.

The external pillars of the new Christian church were few in number as well. NT paints the picture of a town which has a synagogue with THOUSANDS of active Jews all living life and faith and then look across the street to one non Jewish new Christian church with only a HANDFUL of people doing life and faith. Talk about outnumbered. It is hard to stand firm when you are the minority. But minority they were and so are we, if we consider ourselves pillars.

Only those that can withstand the pressure both inside and outside the church will remain in the end. These are the true pillars of the eternal Church.

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