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If you’re reading this blog, technology is a reality for you. For most of us, technology evolution has become a way of life. We’ve gotten used to buying new hardware every few years, getting the latest operating system for our phones and computers, and applying security patches and software updates regularly. With something new comes two feelings: excitement and trepidation. When you get a shiny new phone or finally upgrade your sorry home computer, there’s a thrill of excitement at all the possibilities. I can do so much more! Things will get done so much faster! Ah, check out how gorgeous everything looks! However, there’s also a little fear. Will I be able to navigate in a new piece of software? What if something changed I don’t know about? How do I put this thing on silent?

That’s how I feel about the new heaven and new earth. I am so stinkin’ excited about it! I can’t wait to get my new body with no pain. That’s an upgrade to get seriously stoked about! On the other hand, what if something’s different? What will the ground rules be? If there’s no night, how will I watch the stars?

So if you’re not 100% comfortable with how everything is going to work out in the end, that’s probably okay. I sure hope so because that’s where I am tonight. But I know, unlike a technology upgrade, this one won’t have any bugs!

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