Wedding and Marriage: Costly and Innate

Posted on June 21st, by Lori in Revelation 19:1-10. 1 Comment

NT commentates on the ludicrousness of extravagant weddings in Britain of which he finds both sad and encouraging. He is sad that we in the West have commercialized a covenantal religious ceremony to the tune of thousands of dollars for one day. That we focus on the wedding and not the marriage is really messed up.

But is this not a mirror for how we treat Christ in our “marriage” or covenant relationship? Do we focus on the wedding, the fun stuff, the shiny pure linen (verse 8) we get to wear on our day. The stuff that makes our faith walk so great and wonderful in the moment instead of doing the real work that a marital relationship requires for the long haul. To build trust, and love and have on- going communication goes beyond the wedding day. And so it is with our relationship with Christ. Sometimes we have to do the hard work to stay in the relationship. Saying vows and honoring vows are two different things.

NT also finds encouragement in this part of this equation as well. That as human beings we still value, for the most part, the act of getting married, in being connected to one other person, and in this culture that can be astounding. However, I still find when people are dating we wait for the engagement, when people are engaged we wait for the wedding announcement. When people live together we ask when are they getting married. When people have a baby together we say when are you getting married. When one divorces we say, when are you getting back out there. This confirms we are made to be in relationship with one other person. It is innate and God put this desire in our hearts back in Genesis.

And so I agree with NT. Our ultimate marriage to Christ is both costly and innate for those who believe, shiny and a lot of work, imperfect and yet someday will be perfected as promised here in Revelation. Won’t that be a great day? We can value both the wedding and the marriage. Awesome.

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  • Amy Gafkjen

    So awesome!