What Monster Do We Worship?

Posted on June 9th, by Lori in Revelation 13:1-10. 1 Comment

“All the world seems to be worshipping the monster.”  Wow are we talking early Rome or are we talking the kingdom in the book of Daniel as NT indicates in his commentary? Are we talking the future earthly Kingdom and emperor worship spoken of in this passage or are we talking modern day worshipping? Again LOTS of then and now and future stuff.

All I can really speak to is now, so what are we worshipping now?   What kingdom do we feel we have to bow down to now?  What monster is begging for your attention?  I have much to say and could go on a rant but will refrain and let you answer for yourself.

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  • Vicky Lorencen

    I think we may be worshippers of the Snuggy Monster. The what?! What I mean is, we worship comfort (and you know by “we” I really mean “me,” right?) We like our comfort zones, we like our comfortable homes, comfortable circle of friends, comfortable lifestyles and comfortable compromises. Sheesh. I’m making myself uncomfortable.