What Really Matters?

Posted on June 26th, by Lori in Revelation 20:1-6. No Comments

So this is the part in the story where my childhood literal interpretation of Revelation kicks in. I was raised to believe that yes the Abyss is the pit of an eternally burning fire called Hell, that it is a literal 1000 year reign without Satan’s interference that yes people were literally beheaded and reigned with the Messiah for the thousand years and yes there will be another resurrection where all our bodies will be raised from the grave to meet our new bodies in the air. That’s a lot of literal.

And the other part of my dysfunction in all this was the expectation of achieving perfection in the interpretation of all the above. Yes to be a childhood Bible scholar is what I believe was expected of me. Lots of pressure!!

So for NT to say: “Those who go in for speculative prophecy-interpretation have, of course, snapped up these and other snippets taken them (usually) out of their actual contexts, and constructed quite a different world-view in which they play a far more important role than they do in scripture itself,” is truly a grace giver of words to people like myself. He goes on to say, “We must hold onto the central thing which John has made crystal clear: the victory of the lamb and the call to share his victory through faith and patience…..it is clear that the one who wins the victory is the creator God, who does so to defeat and abolish death itself and so to open the way to the glories of the renewed creation…that is what matters.” Well said NT, well said. Thanks for the grace for this recovering literalist my new friend!!

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