Who Will Wipe Their Tears

Posted on May 30th, by Lori in Revelation 7:9-17. No Comments

“God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” (verse 17). What a great ending to a tough journey. The people mentioned in this section of Revelation have totally been put through the ringer. They have been persecuted for their faith, begged God for justice, and are identified as “the ones who have come out of the great suffering” (verse 14). By now I can imagine that all they want is a break, a little comfort and our Lord gently and tenderly comes over and wipes away their tears. What a sweet picture among the vivid imagery that John continues to describe, at times, with such terrifying detail. NT compares this section as being caught between a nightmare and reality.

As previously stated, I have had my share of suffering but again nothing like these people. But I do know that during those times I welcomed God wiping my tears. It can be through another’s smile, hug, card, note, phone call, email. etc. If we are to be representative of God here on earth to those around us, we should be ready to represent God and wipe away the tears of those suffering around us. I know this sounds like a nice platitude or Hallmark card and a tad bit sappy, but sometimes we are the only light in a dark place. Can we be called to be “Jesus with skin on”; to reach down and wipe tears on God’s behalf? What an awesome privilege!

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